The Love of God in Jesus

Be transformed as we see the glory of God in His act of love for us. 

The Source and End of All

God is the only being who can be God and He is more than we can ever imagine.

Heir of the World

A reminder of our inheritance. We are an heir of the world in Christ. 

Saving Faith

Definitions of being justified by faith and the peace of God which follows. 

Talking to God

The Lord is near and we can talk to Him because Jesus has made the way for us. 

Baby Jesus

Who is this child we worship every Christmas?

Faith Hope and Love

Real faith, real love and real hope can only be found in Jesus.

One Another's

Jesus' command to love one another and all the one another's in the New Testament.

Good News of Isaiah 61

Jesus is the Good News and the action of God's love to the world. 

Psalm 1

Psalm 1 is a contrast between those who delight in God and those who don't.

Isaiah 53:1

Isaiah 53, verse 1 is the message of God of salvation and a call to trust in Him.

Vessels of Mercy

A poetic expression of God's mercy.

Salt of the Earth

An observation of a world without Jesus.

Delights of God

We have been created to "Know" God and be in an intimate relationship with Him.