The Glorious Gospel

​The book of Romans give us one of the most comprehensive explanations of the good news of Jesus and His eternal message.

The Promises of God - Romans 4

​Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.  We are called to exercise the same faith in Christ.

Why We Need Faith

​Life is too big and too complicated to understand on our own.  We need God's revelation to show us the way.

Created & Redeemed

God is our creator and He is also our Redeemer.  We have be bought with the precious blood of Christ. We owe Him all.

Response to Grace

3 Gospel passages which outline the grace of forgiveness, actions of faith and the response of faith in Jesus.

Prophecies of Jesus

Old Testament prophecies of Jesus and New Testament fulfillment. Irrefutable proof the Bible is written by God Himself.

Truth & Lies

Loving the truth of Jesus in our heart is crucial to our growth as children of God and our personal, intimate relationship with God.

Hope for Depression

A spiritual understanding of depression.

and hope through the love, acceptance and salvation of Jesus.

Bible Interpretation by John Piper

Great resource for Bible reading and interpretation for old and young alike. 

One Body in Christ

We have been adopted into the family of God. God is our Heavenly Father and all true believers are bothers and sisters in Christ.

The Interests of God

Jesus came into this world to defeat sin and death to bring about our salvation. This is the primary interest of God.

The Meaning of Life

This is an overview of the Bible

from creation, the fall, sin, the Law and salvation, to the new heavens and earth.

Don't Turn Away

A study of the Bible passage in

1 Samuel 12.  God showing His grace

and kindness to His rebellious people.


A study of Psalm 78 to place our confidence in God and not forget the wondrous things He has done and keep His commandments.

The Promises of God - Hebrews 11

The great chapter of faith.  What it means and how it is seen in the lives of the faithful men and women in the Old Testament.

The Righteousness of God

An overview of lessons from God's dealing with the nation of Israel and how we can avoid the same errors by submitting to His word.

The Sower - Part 1

We all need to take care how we listen and respond to the message of Jesus. 

The Sower - Part 2

Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. 

The Sower - Part 3

Our only hope is the mercy of God and He is full of mercy and loving-kindness. 

The Sower - Part 4

Three characteristics that reject the message of Jesus and why.

The Sower - Part 5

The seed on good soil which bears fruit through genuine trust in Jesus.

Means of Grace

The things our loving Heavenly Father has given us to grow in the grace and knowledge of Him.

Jesus and Psychology

How genuine, wholehearted faith in Jesus and psychology help us with mental illness and the darkness of a broken world.

Simple Faith

3 Old Testament stories which point to our salvation in Jesus and the response of faith we need to obtain God's grace and mercy.

Poor in Spirit

To be poor in spirit is the way in which God by the Holy Spirit draws us to Himself in salvation.

Growing Babies

​The Apostle Peter encourages us to long for the pure milk of the word of God that we might grow in our salvation.

The Most Important Day

When our focus is on eternity, the things of this life fall into their right perspective.

God's Plan of Salvation

Even though people throughout the ages have misrepresented God, Jesus has proved to be a faithful witness to God's truth.

Sin and Glory

God went to great effort to save us. It is essential for us to know the love of God in Christ.

Where Heaven Is

God makes heaven - heaven. And Heaven is where Jesus is. If we want to get to heaven - then we need to follow Jesus.