Best of Tim Keller


Timothy Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan and co-founder of The Gospel Coalition.  He has authored numerous outstanding Christian books and has a deep understanding about the truth of Scripture. 


He has a heart for Jesus rooted in deep love and commitment to the gospel and seeing people grow in the love and knowledge of Christ. He is an engaging preacher with truly great insights into the Word of God.


I hope and pray God speaks to you for your development and growth in the love of God and man.



  1. - Great description of the heart - Deuteronomy 30

  2.  How To Change Deeply

  3. - God’s Plans & Our Plans

  4.  - Who will convert the west

  5. - War Between Your Selves

  6.  - Revival

  7. - The Two Great Tests

  8.  - The Theology of the Cross and Walking with a Limp

  9. - Resurrection

  10.  - Will God forgive me of repetitive sins?

  11. - Love & Lust

  12.  - Spiritual Warfare - Ephesians 6:10

  13. - Gospel Centred Ministry

  14. - Q&A: Reason for God.

  15.  - The Temptation of Ministry

  16.  - Q&A: Does prayer really change things?

  17.  - Everyone with a Gift

  18.  - How to Change

  19.  - Boasting in Nothing Except the Cross

  20.  - Ministry & Marriage in a Secular Age

  21. - Breaking The Yoke Of Sin

  22. - Blessed are the Poor


  24.  - The Still Small Voice

  25.  -  The Sower On Hearing

  26.  - How Sin Makes Us Addicts

  27. - What can Christianity offer our society in the 21st century?

  28. - The Bible Is Not About You

For more sermons and Q&A - type “Tim Keller” in the YouTube search bar.


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